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  Penerbit USM was set up in 1972 under the auspices of Universiti Sains Malaysia’s Library Department. Its aim then was to increase the number of published titles and quality research papers. Penerbit USM published its first book in 1974 and as October 2008 had in excess of 700 titles under its wing.  
  Within years of commencement, Penerbit USM was regarded as a prolific publisher of important academic and research publications. By 2002, Penerbit USM was upgraded to the full position as a department in its own right. For the year 2006, Penerbit USM is embarking on a new mission: Internationalisation – strives to be one of the best publishers in this region and the world.  
  Aside from academic books and journals, publications include literary books as well as special publications such as University Anniversary books and even electronic publishing on the web. While publishing is its main concern, Penerbit USM also organises book launches, writing and publishing workshops and book exhibitions to promote the cause of literary.  
  Potential writers can also count on our years of expertise and full-fledged professional team who provide marketing and promotional know-how for the launching of new titles. Entrenched within the academically rich background of USM, Penerbit USM has the advantage of other value-added services. These include:  
Graphic Design
Journal Management
  Awards & Recognitions
  Acknowledged as an one-stop publication house, Penerbit USM is fast gaining recognition as evidenced from the numerous awards granted to our publications over the years.  
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